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Waskerd Strayer Minimalist Leather Wallet Review

Waskerd Strayer Minimalist Leather Wallet Review

Disclosure: Waskerd was kind enough to send me this wallet for the purpose of an honest review.

The Strayer is a front pocket minimalist wallet by Waskerd. What sets the Strayer apart from other front pocket wallets is the craftsmanship behind every wallet. Each Waskard wallet is crafted by hand in Norfolk, Virginia and includes an attention to detail that is often lacking in mass produced or machined wallets. I received my Strayer front pocket wallet in Angus Black with white stitching and was overall impressed by it’s quality and simplicity.

Quick Specs:

  • Dimensions: L2.5” x W.2” x H3.5" 
  • Capacity: 2 or 3 cards and 1-5 bills
  • Materials: Made of high quality leather and robust stitching 
  • Made in USA
  • Available to buy on and the
The Waskerd Strayer in Black Angus matched my accessories perfectly.

First Impressions

The wallet arrived in a small gift box that included a cool leather Waskerd business card.  The overall presentation is wonderful and I could tell Waskerd put a lot of time and thought into how their products are presented.

The wallet itself feels sturdy and high quality. The black leather feels high grade and I thought that the white stitching was a very nice design touch. What I loved about the Strayer wallet from the start was it’s simplicity. The wallet is only made out of a few pieces of leather and is held together with robust stitching on the sides.

The Waskerd Strayer arrives in a special gift box.

The Waskerd Strayer arrives in a special gift box.

After A Week of Daily Carry

I used the Strayer wallet as my daily carry wallet for a week. This seemed like enough time to get used to all of it’s small details. What I loved about this wallet was that it encouraged me to be mindful of what I decided to daily carry. My regular daily wallet is a SlimFold MICRO Wallet that is very slim but still allows me to carry multiple cards and cash without worry of running out of room. But since the Waskerd Strayer has limited space I carried only my essentials which came down to 2 credit cards and my driver’s license (3 cards total). This was actually a good thing as it forced me to simplify what I carried in my pockets.

The size of the wallet isn’t much larger than a credit card and easily fit in my front pocket. When placed in my back pocket I could barely feel it when sitting which I thought was a huge plus.

Fully loaded: The Strayer can hold 3 cards and a couple of bills.

Fully loaded: The Strayer can hold 3 cards and a couple of bills.


Beautifully Crafted: The Strayer wallet looks and feels like a sturdy high quality product. The leather feels great in the hands and the stitching doesn’t look like it’s prone to fraying with repeated use. 

Slim Front Pocket Carry: For those who want to minimize their daily carry than the Waskerd Strayer should definitely be on your list of considerations. It’s slim enough for both front and back pocket carry and light weight enough where I didn’t even notice it in my pockets.

Made in the USA: I love that Waskerd wallets are handcrafted in Virginia and that each wallet is made by hand. There is an attention to detail here that you simply cannot match with mass produced wallets. When you receive a Waskerd wallet you know you are getting a quality product.


Difficulty accessing cards: The wallet is made to carry 2-3 cards and a few cash bills. When carrying more than 2 cards it became difficult to access any of the cards in the back pocket. I found myself having to use some serious elbow grease to get them out of the wallet. However, this may be because the leather is still new and I will expect it to loosen up over time. Leather stretches and is form fitting so I’m sure this will be less of an issue as times goes by.

May not be for everyone: Due to it's limited capacity this wallet may not be for everyone. Since I filled the wallet with 3 cards, carrying anything more than a few bills was a bit more difficult and I often found myself stuffing loose cash in my pocket. This wasn’t such a big deal at the beginning of a day where I carried larger bills but the problem became apparent when I broke change and had extra bills that didn’t all fit into the wallet.

A note on capacity: The Strayer is a small front pocket wallet that is meant to encourage minimalist carry. So although there are other slim wallets on the market that can fit much more, this isn’t what the Strayer is about. This might not be the right wallet for those who absolutely must carry more than a couple of credit cards and cash bills. But luckily Waskerd offers other minimalist wallet designs that have larger capacities.

The Strayer is a beautifully crafted minimalist wallet that is made to last.

Final Thoughts

I really did enjoy the Strayer wallet and will definitely keep it in my rotation. The Strayer is available in a variety of colors. I’m very fond of the Black Angus leather version I received and I think it looks even better in person than in the online photos. 

Waskerd’s thoughtful packaging makes the Strayer wallet great for gifting. One thing to mention is that Waskerd offers a custom monogram option with each wallet so further personalization is possible if you order through their website.

If you are looking for a sophisticated minimalist front pocket leather wallet than the Waskard Strayer should definitely be on your list of wallets to consider. 

Available in multiple leather finishes.

Available in multiple leather finishes.

Where to Buy

The Waskerd Strayer wallet is currently available on and on in a variety of color options.

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